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The hands-on Implant Placement Cadaver Course was an excellent course.  Dr. Shatz was very giving of his time, knowledge and energy.  I have been to a number of other implant placement courses, but after this course I feel ready to start down this new road.  THANK YOU!

Robert Evans, DDS

Canonsburg, PA


Dr. Shatz is awesome.  his lecture was clear, he is very knowledgeable in the subject matter (implants and perio).  He answered all my questions (and I had a lot).  I highly recommend dr. Shatz and this course with dental Seminars to anyone who's interested in placing implants. Thank you Dr. Shatz for sharing your knowledge!

Jennifer Chen, DDS

Quincy, MA


The course was an excellent overview of placing dental implants.  Dr. Shatz build upon the material as he proceeded and gave excellent rationale for why, what and how a product is used to perform a procedure.

Marcel S Denard, DDS

Greensburg, PA


Dr. Shatz is obviously enthusiastic about dentistry and knowledgeable as well.  He does a great job of sharing practical information and techniques for a general dentist to use in his/her practice.

Joseph McNamara, DDS

Sligo, PA


It was a great implant introduction course.  Learned from basic introduction to science behind implants.

Nikhilesh Rao Gorukanti, DDS

Jamaica Plains, MA


Dr. Peter Shatz' course on Atraumatic Extraction & Socket Preservation presented by Dental Seminars, LLC was an informative, exciting course by a seasoned professional who does these procedures day in and day out.  He gears this towards the general dentist who is interested in becoming more comfortable and proficient in what they do, as well as increasing the procedures that they offer in their practice.

Samuel W. Galstan, DDS, MPH, MAGD

Chester, VA



Atraumatic Extraction & Socket Preservation Course - Very relevant. Upgraded my knowledge.

Robert Winebrenner, DDS

Hagerstown, MD



Great speaker and informative, useful information. - Atraumatic Extraction Course.

Fred Farahi, DDS

Mclean, VA



Great course ! Dr. Shatz knows his material inside & out and yet was able to present it in a simple, real world manner.  I will be able to use this material Monday morning.

Robert Evans, DDS

Canonsburg, PA



Dr. Shatz was extremely informative and knowledgeable.  I enjoyed listening to the lecture and becoming more familiar with techniques that can be done in a general practice setting and not just specialist.

Leonisha Thomas Ulysse, DDS

Hagerstown, MD



The course material was presented clearly.  The instructor was very knowledgeable.  The facility was functional and comfortable. I would highly recommend the Atraumatic Extraction & Socket Preservation course.

Jessica Brunnett, DDS

Towson, MD



I really enjoyed the lecture on porcelain veneers.  it was comprehensive, informative and very practical.  Dr. Habsha was terrific!

Sarah Bouchard, DDS

Washington, DC


Instructor was informative and very thorough.  Hands-on portion was a great  way to put into action what we learned.

Lisa Patel, DDS

Glen Burnie, MD



Thanks for the porcelain veneer CE course.  I enjoyed the lecture and hands-on portion of the course.  I look forward to future courses.

Jan Katzen, DDS

Finksburg, PA



Dr. Habsha was very well spoken and knowledgeable.  Her veneer lecture was easy to follow and comprehensive.  Great CE!

Sumegha Singhania, DDS

Baltimore, MD



Thank you Dental Seminars.  Very important CE for all dentists to stay current on veneer materials/techniques, very informative.

Ashley Featherson, DDS

Laurel, MD



Excellent course.  Dr. Effie was extremely knowledgeable and I learned a lot of things that I can practically apply.

Amit Khanna, DMD

Hollywood, MD


Very detailed and informative veneer course.

Gregory DiGiovanni, DDS

Forrest Hill, MD


Small groups allows for better discussions.

Patricia Rose, DMD

King of Prussia, PA


Excellent course, Dr. Habsha was well versed with the esthetics guidelines to porcelain veneers in private practice.  The input from Friendship Dental Lab was a definite adjunctive aspect to this lecture.

Deana Moody, DDS

Upper Malboro, MD


Once again ( I am a returning client) Dental Seminars has provided me with a high quality continuing education course.  Dr. Effie is a competent, experienced lecturer with the latest techniques and products.  All doctors were given individualized attention.

Maria Elena Cruz, DDS

Centerville, VA


Good location and lecture.  Dr. Effie is pleasant and well spoke.

Ramy Radmanesh, DDS

Bethesda, MD


Very good veneer seminar! True to description. Dr. Habsha was very well prepared and very accessible.

Lourdes Sanchez, DDS

Hyattsville, MD


Very to the point and easy to follow veneer course.  I will be able to incorporate into my practice right away

Tom Kelly, DDS

Irmo, SC


I had the pleasure of taking the “Efficient and Effective Endodontics” course offered by Dental Seminars, LLC in Baltimore on November 7, 2014.  This course was taught by Dr. David Landwehr and sponsored by Dentsply/Tulsa Dental Specialties.

I found this course to be very informative and particularly useful in implementing the WaveOne endodontic system in our office.   Dr. Landwehr had a very casual approach in his teaching and was very open to questions by attendees.  Dr. Landwehr proved to be an expert in his field and was able to answer all questions with ease, based on both his own knowledge and personal experiences.  The small class size allowed for an open forum for questions and answers, and allowed each attendee to have one-on-one guidance by Dr. Landwehr and the Tulsa representatives during the hand-on portion of the class.

This course not only reviewed old “tried and true” endodontic principles, but also introduced new techniques and technology crucial to modern dental practice.  I left this course feeling more confident and ready to implement these new techniques in my office.

In conclusion, I was very pleased with the “Efficient and Effective Endodontics” course offered by Dental Seminars, LLC, and found it to be a worthy investment in improving my endodontic technique.  I would strongly consider taking another course offered by Dental Seminars, LLC in the future.

Elise G. Penafiel, DDS

Glen Burnie, MD


"Dental Seminars gives the best continuing education courses I've ever taken. Not only do you come away with the knowledge to perform new procedures, but also the practical experience you get  from the cadaver lab portion.  I took the clinical crown lengthening course and was able to start doing my own crown lengthening procedures when I returned to my office the following Monday.  I also took the implant cadaver course and have my first implant patient scheduled and feel very confident in doing this procedure as well.  These courses are well organized, and the lecture room is very comfortable. There is also time for questions, then in the lab you get one on one attention. I would highly recommend these courses."

Lois Browning, DDS

Medford, NJ


"As a clinician-educator, I valued the superb balance of didactic and hands-on components of this course. The lecture portion was presented in a concise, logical and practical manner, with tips for various clinical scenarios, by surgeons whose skill and expertise was self evident. The laboratory portion, using cadaver specimens for placement, surpasses all other models for this exercise, and is as close to a real surgical environment as possible. The instructors were very hands-on, and more than willing to share all their "secrets" with the participants. I found their enthusiasm infectious, the facility first class and the overall experience one where the novice and experienced operator can enhance their skill and comfort level. This is a course I can, and will, recommend most highly."

 Stephen P. Niemczyk D.M.D.
Director, Endodontic Microsurgery, Harvard University, Boston, MA
Director, Endodontic Microsurgery, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Endodontic Post-Graduate Program


"If you are going to place implants, performing sinus lifts and bone augmentation procedures is a must, and this is the cadaver course that will give you the knowledge, experience and confidence."

 Dr. Alex Parsi, Endodontist
Los Angeles, California


"The cadaver course was absolutely excellent. It was very well organized, informative and to the point. I loved listening to the once "dreadful" head and neck anatomy review. The implant placement went very well. Some experienced docs explored the sinus cavity. I was very pleased to dissect the mental nerve as well as other structures. I would recommend this course without hesitation!"

Lina Jarboe, DDS, MS, Endodontist
Ellicott City, Maryland


"I was at your course a week and a half ago in Baltimore. It was excellent. I saw an implant patient on the following Wednesday, and used 2 vertical sling mattress sutures which worked perfectly to close the site. At one week post-op it looked excellent. I would not have handled the soft tissue, as well, had I not taken the course."

 Fred Levine, DDS
Schenectady, New York


"I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent course that we had the chance to experience in Baltimore. The quality of the lectures and workshop was really professional but even more importantly all of you were very warm and agreeable and you made the whole course worth while. Many thanks!"

Nikolaos D. Gkranias DDS, Periodontist
MPhil/PhD Research Graduate Student
UCL Eastman Dental Institute
London, England


"It was a pleasure meeting you last weekend in Baltimore. The seminar was outstanding! After taking few courses in perio surgery I still was not comfortable with doing it. After your course in Baltimore the "perio mystery" started to unravel. The material you presented will be applicable in what I want to start doing in my office."

Dr. Vlad Shustov, B.Sc., D.D.S.
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Baltimore, and coupled with everyone's infectious enthusiasm for your subject, it has been one of my best learning experiences since I graduated in 1985!! Thanks again."

David Clunie, DDS
Glasgow, Scotland, UK


"Emma - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Raymond, Peter and the Vendors for the best experience in Continue Education. Our group had friendly participants. people got along well and willing to share knowledge. The sponsors were very professional. Thank you for your help."

Tan Nguyen, DDS
Newport Beach, California, USA



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